Same-Sex Couples Rejoice: Marriage is Now Legal Nationwide

Same-sex couples in California were given the right to marry on June 16, 2008. Unfortunately, state residents were not guaranteed a recognition of their marriage when traveling to other states in the country. Until, that is, June 26, 2015.

That landmark day will forever be remembered as the date of the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. What does this mean for California residents, where same-sex marriage was already legal? For one thing, they no longer have to fear that other states will disregard their marriage. Secondly, it is a huge civil rights step that many thought would never take place.

Along with the right to marry comes the right to divorce. As ironic as it sounds, same-sex couples previously married may be looking for a way out of their union. The Supreme Court ruling also made it possible for same-sex couples to divorce, which means that factors like alimony, property division, and child custody will now come into play.

Responses Varied Throughout the Country

It has been interesting to watch the news headlines as the Supreme Court's decision continues to make waves. One heterosexual couple in California decided to take a stand back in 2009 for the rights of same-sex couples by waiting to get married until everyone in the nation received the same right to marry.

Six years went by until finally, on June 26, the couple celebrated along with thousands of other same-sex couples in California by tying the knot. The heterosexual couple's support of same-sex marriage rights did not go unnoticed by those in the LGBT community.

Others, however, stand in direct opposition. A Kentucky county clerk is heading to court to argue that her Christian faith renders her unable to issue same-sex marriage licenses. The outcome of this pertinent case still remains to be seen.

So whether you are planning your wedding or preparing for your divorce, I am a Fairfield County family law attorney prepared to stand up for your rights as a same-sex couple. My legal experience has been a key factor in many successful case outcomes and could be the advantage you need.

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