Interested in a Summary Dissolution?

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Even for couples who can't get along, the thought of going through a long and arduous divorce can be deterring and make you think twice about separating. Fortunately, California courts recognize a form of divorce called 'summary dissolution.' This is generally a much quicker alternative that costs less and is easier on the spouses.

There are, however, a number of stringent requirements you must meet before successfully filing a summary dissolution. If you think this alternative to divorce may be for you, get in touch with my firm to speak with a Roseville divorce attorney. I can help save you the headache of wasted time and money.

Eligibility Requirements for a Summary Dissolution

Because a summary dissolution is so much simpler than filing for an actual divorce, the state of California has made it tough for spouses to file.

You must meet every requirement below at the time of filing:

  • One spouse has lived in California for at least six months and in the same county for at least three
  • Both spouses want the marriage to end based on irreconcilable differences
  • No minor children are involved
  • The marriage has lasted five years or less
  • Neither spouse owns any real estate
  • Neither spouse has acquired more than $6,000 in debt from the time of your marriage onward
  • Spouses share $38,000 or less in community property
  • Neither spouse has more than $38,000 in separate property
  • Both spouses sign a property settlement agreement
  • Both spouses give up any rights to alimony

The list of qualifications is long, but if you do meet every piece of criteria, summary dissolution is certainly advantageous. After filling out and filing the necessary documents, the forms are reviewed by the court. When you've completed the entire six month waiting period, your summary dissolution is complete and you are considered legally divorced from your spouse.

Hands-On Guidance from a Roseville Family Lawyer

Many spouses are unfamiliar with the process of a summary dissolution, causing them to walk away feeling unsatisfied with the outcome. My firm will represent you until your divorce is finalized and give you the protection you need. Call the Law Offices of Evan Samuelson for personal representation from a Roseville divorce lawyer.

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