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There are a variety of marital problems that can lead to a contested divorce and complicate the process. If you are in a difficult and contested divorce circumstance because of a criminal offense of domestic violence, I can help prepare you to get a divorce and to regain your sense of security. At the Law Offices of Evan Samuelson, I have more than 20 years of family law experience assisting clients who are obtaining a divorce because of a domestic violence issue. As your Roseville divorce lawyer, I can offer you skills and experience that can undoubtedly aid in your case.

What to Do After a Domestic Violence Incident

Divorce is usually a messy time and as a result, it is not surprising when episodes of domestic violence occur. Domestic violence can involve hitting, kicking, physical menacing or intimidation, threats, pushing, shoving, choking, being hit with objects, punching, being held against one's will, sexual pressure or assaults. It can also involve stalking, disrespect, manipulation, isolation and so forth. If you were the victim of a domestic violence attack, it is important that you take these steps immediately:

  • Call the police or the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE
  • Get a psychological evaluation for your spouse
  • Request child custody evaluations
  • Attend counseling (separately is usually advised)
  • Don't be afraid to speak up

If any aspect of custody or visitation is being disputed, it is important that you secure an aggressive but also compassionate family law attorney who can guide you through this scary time in an understanding and comprehensive manner. When such dangerous occurrences are going on and your's and your children's future is at stake, you cannot afford to be passive or to secure less-than-competent legal services.

Restraining Orders

Domestic violence refers to any form of assault and battery that was inflicted on any member of the family or household by another. This infliction causes either physical or emotional harm and can also lead to death. Domestic violence can be not only physical abuse but also verbal, mental and emotional abuse. It can occur between spouses, between a parent and child, between a boyfriend and girlfriend, or between same-sex partners. When domestic violence is committed, the Family Court judge can issue a restraining order protecting the victim against the perpetrator.

Divorce and Domestic Violence

It is important to take the right steps to effectively get your life back on track and feel safe from the hands of your abuser. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a frequent occurrence in marriages and is a common reason for divorce. When domestic violence is committed, the family court judge can issue a restraining order protecting the victim against the perpetrator. As physical abuse can also constitute 'battery', which is a criminal offense, the District Attorney, and the criminal court may also get involved.

When children are involved in a domestic violence situation, the Family Court judge may presume the perpetrator is an unfit parent, and that parent may experience great difficulty in establishing or re-establishing rights to spend time with the children. The family court judge may require that the perpetrator's time with the children be supervised by a friend, family member, or a professional supervisor, and the judge may require that the perpetrator undergo counseling or anger management classes.

Talk to a Compassionate Roseville Divorce Lawyer at The Law Offices of Evan Samuelson

During the process of divorce, the abusive spouse is more likely to seriously harm the other spouse and any children involved. If you are the abused party, it is important to be aware of the serious risk of domestic violence during this time and to obtain adequate legal assistance. As your Roseville domestic violence attorney, I can help you become aware of the signs that can lead to domestic violence to protect both yourself and your family. If a catalyst for your divorce is domestic violence, it is important to recognize that this can have a serious impact on the divorce process. Contact my firm today to learn more about how I can help you keep your family safe as you end the marriage. Request a consultation with a family lawyer today.

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