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What Happens with the Family Home in Divorce

Many married couples have purchased a home during their marriage. Presumptively, the home, since it was acquired during the marriage, is community property, and, in the event of the divorce, each ...
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When One Spouse or Parent Is Disabled

It frequently comes up in divorce or family law cases that one of the spouses/parents is disabled, or is claiming to be disabled. A spouse's claim of disability can have ramifications when it ...
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How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

This is a common question, but it is not one easily answered. There are quite a few different ways to handle a divorce. The least expensive way to handle a divorce is to do it yourself, prepare a ...
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Valuing a Family Run Business in Divorce

Determining the value of a family run business while going through divorce can be one of the more difficult tasks to deal with in Family Court. Typically only one spouse has been managing the business ...
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Therapists in Child Custody Cases

There are a number of different roles for therapists in child custody cases, and if you're not careful, those roles can get blurred, to the detriment of your case and/or the welfare of your ...
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